About the School

The Full name of the School is Middle Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), which is the only secondary fine arts school under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education in China. Closely tied to CAFA, the School has played a unique role in the development of Chinese secondary fine arts education and modern Chinese art education. The School is the first regular secondary fine arts school after the foundation of People's Republic of China and was founded in 1953 under the advocacy and direct care of Xu Beihong (famous Chinese art educationalist) and Jiang Feng.

The School has set up the educational goal and orientation of providing the highest level of secondary fine arts education in China during its early years and has always been adhering to the strategy of strengthening the school through talents. Since the first President Ding Jingwen, the School has been employing outstanding graduates from CAFA and other art colleges as teachers, gathering a multitude of excellent faculty. The School selects and enrolls students with most artistic potentials across the whole country. Strict and systematic professional trainings and comprehensive cultivation of cultural quality are educational features of the School. Meanwhile, the School regards cultivating qualified and excellent reserve forces of artistic talents for art colleges as its fundamental task and steady pursuit, adheres to the society and reality oriented educational tradition, respects rules of secondary fine arts education and masters the law of cultivating all-round talents. In the orthodox art education system of China, the School has cultivated a great number of high-quality art talents and excellent reserve talents reserve forces of artistic talents for art colleges and academies, greatly contributing to the national culture development.

Graduates of CAFA Affiliated School now actively work in various fields at both home and abroad. And with extraordinary talents springing up, they have accomplished outstanding achievements in areas like college art education, secondary art education, art design, film and television production and director, theatre arts and fine arts, grass-root cultural work, press and publication, fashion design, Chinese folk art study and the propaganda department of the party and the government. Through the development over nearly 60 years, the School has found its own place in the national fundamental art education and gradually established itself as the best secondary fine arts school in China, hailed as "the cradle of artists".

CAFA Affiliated School belonged to the Ministry of Culture ahead of the Ministry of Education took it over with China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. In 2001, the School moved from No. 24, East Meishuguan Street of Dongcheng District to No. 6, South Huajiadi Street of Chaoyang District. In 2006, the School moved to current location, No. 18, Yanshun Road of Yanjiao Development District, east of Beijing. The professional curriculum opened on campus include basic fine arts courses such as line drawing, sketch, color, Chinese painting, sculpture, calligraphy, design, creation and basic knowledge of arts, as well as the same literacy courses as courses of liberal arts applied in other regular high schools.

Entering the 21st century, CAFA Affiliated School takes the initiative to explore emerging disciplines like design and animation while consolidating its traditional advantages in basic disciplines of fine arts. Professional studios are used in professional teaching. Considering the education of liberal arts, the School actively explores to establish the teaching mode and methods with its own features. The School has been steadily improving its teaching level and has sent a great number of excellent talents to prestigious universities at home and broad, including China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, Beijing Film Academy, Communication University of China, University of the Arts London and School of Visual Arts in New York City of the United States. CAFA Affiliated School students have achieved delightfully good results in domestic and international competitions, which exhibits the glowing vitality and vigor of the School as an elite secondary fine arts school with long history and further consolidates its leading role in the national secondary fine arts education.