The International Department

Ⅰ. History of the International Department

With the development of economy, continuous development of reform and opening up, constant improvement of people's living standards and increasing enlargement of domestic candidates for art college entrance examination, the demand of Chinese for higher arts education can no longer be satisfied by art universities in the mainland. Thus how to provide art majors with international education opportunities and how to supply safe and normative services to candidates and their parents have become a social issue. In order to meet this modern development need, we started the international arts education in 2005 and have achieved positive results. We opened one-year foundation courses with 70% of teaching staff graduating from famous art universities in Europe or America, to make sure that Chinese art students who want to study abroad can smoothly pass domestic entrance examinations organized by foreign famous art universities and then directly enter high level studies at one of their dreamed world-renowned art universities. After six years of practice and accumulation, we have developed unique teaching methods. In professional courses, we always follow the competency-based instructing system, take multiple evaluation criteria, guide students to carry out self analyses and intellectual enquiries in practical and inspiring ways and gradually improve their own unique artistic language. After several years of practice and exploration, the number of students attending the foundation courses gradually increased from the initial 4 to current 187. Besides, in order to carry out in-depth research on international art teaching and education, we opened international art high school curriculum in 2010, changing the teaching mode and aims from originally exam-oriented to more tridimensional with the purpose of laying solid academic foundation, opening mind and encouraging trials and full practice, which let us well practice international teaching mode and build a set of quality-oriented teaching system in line with international standards. Our three-year courses are aimed to cultivate candidates for foreign universities who are professionally capable, creative, in love with Chinese traditional culture and adapted to learning styles of western institutions. Our graduates will grow into bridges that connect Middle Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts and international art institutions and assume the mission of publicizing excellent Chinese traditional culture in western countries.

Ⅱ. Present State of the International Department

By now we have transported about 400 outstanding students to first-class art universities in the United Kingdom and America. Abilities of these students have been widely recognized and praised in foreign universities. We have been nurturing outstanding reserve forces of artistic talents with international perspectives for China, and in recent years, by deepening international exchanges and cooperation, we have established good cooperative relations with nearly 20 universities and high schools in the United Kingdom and America, and have signed memorandum of cooperation with these institutions in such aspects as transportation of students, co-building of curriculum, teaching communication and academic exchanges, primarily realizing the international goal of going global and introducing in.

Ⅲ. Functional Positioning and Development Planning of the International Department

Functional positioning: the international department closely follows educational goals of constructing Middle Art School Affiliated to Central Academy of Fine Arts into a domestically first-class and internationally renowned middle art school, relies on international art courses, actively strengthens international publication and promotion, extensively launches diversified and profound international exchanges and cooperation, enhances the participation degree in different issues and improves the international visibility and influence of Middle Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Development planning: first, two course systems directly conducted by the international department (including one-year foundation courses and three-year high school courses) should focus on strict internal management to actually improve the cultivation quality of students, sort out and summarize educational achievements in recent years, and publicize and promote the international course brand of Middle Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts in such ways as exhibitions, books and websites.

Second, further develop curriculum system, Strengthen research in professional courses, English courses, cultural courses and other supportive courses to make them reasonable and more closely connected to each other. Third, strengthen student management, enhance team cohesion, reinforce the building of teacher team and constantly attract better teachers to join in current teacher crew.

The biggest task of the international department in next few years is to completely improve the soft power of courses, carry out multi-level and multi-angle international cooperation, consolidate existing international cooperative projects, develop new cooperative projects, improve exchange mechanism and enhance cooperation quality.